Citizens Advice Scotland Contact Number: 0808 800 9060

Phone Citizens Advice Scotland on their free contact number 0808 800 9060 for all enquiries relating to adoption, the application process, requesting a list of agencies, whether you will be entitled to statutory leave and pay as an adoptive parent.


Adoption Enquiries – 0808 800 9060

Call Citizens Advice Scotland on their freephone contact number 0808 800 9060 for any enquiries relating to adoption. For instance a telephone advisor can detail each stage of the adoption process, along with who is eligible to adopt. For instance, many callers are interested in discussing the adoption age limit, your eligibility as a single person or as someone with a prior criminal conviction. Similarly, the advice line can detail the difference between applying to adopt through an agency and a process called non-agency adoption. Subsequently, you may have queries about the assessment process for agency adoptions, as it is crucial that you meet certain legal and personal requirements to do so.

Alternatively, Citizens Advice Scotland 0808 800 9060 can provide help if your adoption application has been rejected, and will offer support if you intend to write a letter to an agency in order to appeal the decision. Although an agency cannot charge a fee, you may have enquiries about the cost of adoption, particularly if doing so overseas, and if you are visiting the country as part of the process. Finally, Citizens Advice Scotland can detail whether you are entitled to adoption leave and pay as an adoptive parent who is currently working.


Cost of Calling Citizens Advice Scotland

The Citizens Advice Scotland helpline operates a freephone contact number, meaning that your calls will be entirely free to call from both landlines and mobile phones.


Email an Advisor

Although you can write to Citizens Advice Scotland for a range of enquiries, you will also be able to query the adoption process via email, using the following email address: