Children 1st Contact Number: 0131 446 2300

Contact Children 1st on their Edinburgh phone number 0131 446 2300 to notify social services about a child safeguarding concern, for confidential support and to donate towards a fundraising event.

Children 1st is the national children’s charity in Scotland which liaises with local social services to safeguard vulnerable children in the community. They have a wide mandate ranging from recommending safe sports coaches, to supporting traumatised children and helping relatives when they have to take over the care of a child. You should therefore call their general enquiries contact number 0131 446 2300 for support when caring for a child, to find your nearest social services centre, to book a home visit appointment and to find a local sports centre which is approved as being safe. Furthermore you can call this helpline to find out how you can support the Children 1st Charity by volunteering, by making a telephone donation or by organising a fundraising event.

Calls to Children 1st are charged at standard local Scotland call rates which also apply to the rest of the UK, therefore you can call the charity for free if you have any free minutes remaining on your inclusive calls package. If you do not have these minutes you will have to pay a per-minute rate as well as a call access fee which is set by your provider, calls from mobiles may cost more if you aren’t using your free minutes.


Report concerns via Parentline – 0800 028 2233

Contact Children 1st on their freephone emergency helpline number 0800 028 2233 to reach their Parentline service, here you can report child neglect and concerns about a young person’s wellbeing. This helpline is open from 9am-9pm Monday-Friday so please contact the police directly if you are aware of child abuse occurring on a weekend.


Children 1st contact numbers from LookedAfterChildren

Children 1st department Scotland contact number
General enquiries & donations 0131 446 2300
Report concerns via Parentline 0800 028 2233


Send letters to Children 1st

You can also send written enquiries, thank you letters and complaints directly to Children 1st by using their Edinburgh head office address below, however for urgent enquiries where a child’s wellbeing is at risk you should call their safeguarding phone numbers as postal services are far slower than calling telephone helplines.

Children 1st,
83 Whitehouse Loan,
EH9 1AT,
United Kingdom.